The DESMOND Australia team offer training for health professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand to deliver the Newly Diagnosed and Foundation and Walking Away from Diabetes modules.

Why adopt the DESMOND program into your care pathway?

Bring quality and consistency to your diabetes self-management education by delivering this internationally renowned program.

By training as a DESMOND educator you will learn theories and philosophies that will not only allow you to deliver the program but will translate into every area of your client interactions.

How does it work?

  1. Health organisations choose to adopt the program into their delivery platform and enter into an agreement with DESMOND Australia to train and support their staff.

  2. Health professionals involved in diabetes care within the health organisation are trained to become DESMOND educators.

  3. DESMOND delivery commences.

  4. DESMOND educators are mentored and assessed by DESMOND Australia and work towards accreditation. This ensures quality and consistency of delivery; adhering to the learning theories and philosophies that underpin the program and provide such positive outcomes for participants.

Email the DESMOND team or call 1300 001 880 to express interest in training and delivering DESMOND in your region.