IDF 11th Western Pacific Congress


Innovation in patient management, peer support and shared care were all up for discussion at the recent International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 11th Western Pacific Congress and 8th Scientific Meeting of the Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes.

DESMOND Australia Operations Manager Deb Schofield, recently attended the congress in Taipei, Taiwan and found it an excellent opportunity to learn about innovations in the diabetes space across the western pacific region.

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Dr Boniface Lin, who has been called the ‘godfather’ of diabetes education in Taiwan, was one of the keynote speakers. . Dr Lin has been involved with the implementation of shared medical appointments for patients living with diabetes. These allow small patient groups to meet with their GP to have a joint appointment but will also have the opportunity to talk with each other about their condition and any problems they might be having.

“It is refreshing to see a truly client-centred approach being used to help those with diabetes in Taiwan,” said Ms Schofield.

Along with new models for peer support and patient care, Ms Schofield also discovered many quality resources produced by diabetes associations across the region that could then possibly be used for culturally and linguistically diverse groups within Australia.

Ms Schofield also gave a presentation on Fidelity: The missing dimension in structured diabetes education around the globe. The presentation covered the importance of having a structured and consistent approach to self-management for people living with diabetes, using programs proven to be effective.

The DESMOND team are now excited to use and build upon the new resources, innovations and information that came from the conference as well as continuing to work closely with all of the diabetes associations across the western pacific region to help those living with and affected by diabetes.

DESMOND Australia