Need a refresh? Book a DESMOND Study Day


Do you feel like you might need to refresh your DESMOND training or maybe there are parts of the DESMOND modules that you need more clarification?

Why not book into a DESMOND Study Day.

DESMOND Study Days provide a great opportunity for educators to come together and share their experiences of delivering the program and enables the sharing of top tips. The study days are also an opportunity to provide updates from DESMOND Australia, troubleshoot local issues and revisit the quality development process.

Designed to be flexible in its content, the day can cover a range of different topics that meet the needs of the local DESMOND educators. After each session educators leave confident in their ability to deliver the program and excited to facilitate further DESMOND sessions.

“I loved it, thank you so much, this has changed all of my education delivery – total convert” said one of the DESMOND educators from the recent study day in Tasmania.

If you are interested in a DESMOND Study Day contact the DESMOND Australia Team. Study Days require a minimum of five attendees.