Successful training in Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia


The DESMOND Australia Team have been busy over the past month delivering DESMOND Study Days and Core/Newly Diagnosed Foundation training across Australia in Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

DESMOND Australia trainers Sue Stockdale and Kylie Mahony provided a DESMOND Study Day for 12 DESMOND educators in Launceston, Tasmania. The educators had been trained in the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed Foundation (NDF) module in 2013 and 2014 and have been subsequently delivering the DESMOND NDF module to people with type 2 diabetes. Attendees at the latest study day enjoyed the opportunity to meet other DESMOND educators and share different strategies and ideas.

Ms Stockdale and Ms Mahony then travelled to Victoria and provided DESMOND Core training and NDF module training for 12 health professionals at Bayside Central Community Health in Parkdale Victoria. Participants from Peninsula Health, Central Bayside Community Health and Diabetes Victoria were very excited to learn a new style of education.

“The participants were proactively planning for delivery of their first DESMOND programs before they had even finished the training. We will be looking forward to hearing how these educators are progressing on their DESMOND educator journey and also hearing the feedback from people with type 2 diabetes in Victoria who attend the first DESMOND programs” said Ms Mahony.

For more details about future DESMOND training taking place throughout Australia and New Zealand visit the DESMOND Australia training and events page.