Congratulations WellSouth Primary Health Network DESMOND team


The amazing team at WellSouth Primary Health Network in New Zealand are progressing rapidly along the quality development pathway, only 18 months after training. The team have embraced the DESMOND principles and philosophies behind self-management and quality development.

“For many of us the training was an introduction to a very different way of educating patients, we were all quite oblivious to the impact the training would have upon our clinical practice in the future,” said Sophie Smith, WellSouth Primary Health Network Community Dietitian and accredited DESMOND educator. 

“Individuals need to feel confident with the knowledge they have, asking health professionals questions and implementing their own goals. It is no secret that our current model of health care is not sustainable so self-management is an important part of reducing the burden of disease on our health systems.”

The DESMOND training is reasonably short and sweet with the modules well organised, structured and easy to understand. The main thing when taking part is keeping an open mind, says Ms Smith.

DESMOND Australia congratulates the entire team at WellSouth Primary Health Network and is excited to see their progress and development as they continue to deliver the DESMOND program.

DESMOND Australia