DESMOND accreditation top tip


Recently accredited DESMOND educator Sophie Smith has a great tip for other educators currently going through the quality development/accreditation process:

“Stick to the script but once you have asked a question, allow the participants to answer and then move on. You don’t need to give the perfect answer as long as the participants have got the main points. This will help your DOT scores considerably.”

The DESMOND Observation Tool (DOT) is part of the quality development tools and assesses interaction achieved by measuring talk time. The style and delivery of DESMOND is arranged to encourage participants to be active and engaged in the learning process. The measurement of talk time gives an indication of how much the participants are talking and engaging, as well as an insight into how much of the session the educator is talking.

This particular tool will enable you to reflect upon your own delivery and ensure that you are aiming for increased participant interaction and reduced educator talk time.

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