Congratulations to Jenny McDonnell


Congratulations to DESMOND Australia’s most recent educator to gain accreditation, Jenny McDonnell, from WA Country Health Service in Bunbury, Western Australia. Jenny kindly shared her experience with attaining accreditation with DESMOND Australia.

How has DESMOND changed or impacted on the way you view self-management of type 2 diabetes? 

It has definitely removed pressure as a facilitator to try and answer everyone’s questions. I am using more deep discovery questions to assist clients to examine why they do certain behaviours and to help them explore other options to improve their health.

What did you most enjoy about your DESMOND accreditation process?

I valued the detailed peer review which doesn’t happen very often when working as a diabetes educator. We can always improve as a facilitator and the feedback was always given in a positive and friendly manner.

What is your top tip for those who are going through the accreditation?

It is a lengthy and long process when working in rural areas where DESMOND is delivered a few times per year. It is definitely a worthwhile experience to see it through to the end and a great goal to set for obtaining points to achieve re-credentialling status as a CDE.

Why do you believe self-management is so important for those with type 2 diabetes?

It is empowering to clients to realise they are in control of their own health. DESMOND is a great program where the participants often support each other to help improve their diabetes management.  I enjoy seeing the interaction between people attending this group. They begin the day as strangers and often leave as friends!

DESMOND Australia looks forward to seeing Jenny delivering many DESMOND programs throughout the South West region of WA.