Beyond diabetes - introducing Let's Prevent

You already know about DESMOND and how it is changing the lives of those living with type 2 diabetes. Now Diabetes WA is proud to introduce another life-changing program.

Let’s Prevent is a structured education program that aims to educate and empower people at risk of developing a chronic disease to make positive, sustainable behavioural changes. Ultimately the program helps people to avoid or delay the onset of heart disease, type 2 diabetes or stroke.

Let’s Prevent sits within the successful DESMOND suite of programs, and therefore employs the same philosophy and principles. Like DESMOND, this program recognises there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to building and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviours. It helps participants to review their own lifestyle and encourages them to choose their own strategies to improve it.

Beginning in August, Diabetes WA will be running Let’s Prevent in the Bunbury Region of Western Australia. We are now looking for dedicated health professionals who are willing to train as Let’s Prevent facilitators and help us to deliver the program.

Facilitators will be given all the training they need and will have access to a steady stream of work over the next year. The first facilitator training course will be held in July.

Let’s Prevent Training

Date: Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 July 2018
Location: Bunbury
Pre-requisites: No prior medical knowledge of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or stroke is necessary.

Any DESMOND facilitators who wish to add Let’s Prevent to their repertoire would therefore only be required to undertake one day of module training on Wednesday 18 July.

Contact Us

Email the Diabetes WA Prevention Team or call us directly on 9436 6268 for more information about training, potential earnings and schedules.