Health Professionals


The DESMOND Australia team offer training for health professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand to deliver the Newly Diagnosed and Foundation and Walking Away from Diabetes modules.

Why adopt the DESMOND program into your care pathway?

Bring quality and consistency to your diabetes self-management education by delivering this internationally renowned program.

By training as a DESMOND educator you will learn theories and philosophies that will not only allow you to deliver the program but will translate into every area of your client interactions.

How does it work?

  1. Health organisations choose to adopt the program into their delivery platform and enter into an agreement with DESMOND Australia to train and support their staff.

  2. Health professionals involved in diabetes care within the health organisation are trained to become DESMOND educators.

  3. DESMOND delivery commences.

  4. DESMOND educators are mentored and assessed by DESMOND Australia and work towards accreditation. This ensures quality and consistency of delivery; adhering to the learning theories and philosophies that underpin the program and provide such positive outcomes for participants.

Email the DESMOND team or call 1300 001 880 to express interest in training and delivering DESMOND in your region.


DESMOND Resources


DESMOND flyer for health professionals

This is a two page flyer that visually explains patient benefits, how it works and how DESMOND has increased patient activation.


DESMOND Participant Resource Order Form

If you need to place an order for Participant folders or any DESMOND resources please fill out this form and return to for processing.

Please be sure to include your payment options on the front page.


Video Waiver Form

This document is used when you are filming a session for your own reflection or for your mentoring/QD visits. You must print this form out and provide them to participants at the start of the workshop.

It is critical that participants have given their consent to be video recorded. You will need to retain this documentation for your own records.


DESMOND Sessions form

To keep us updated on your journey please fill out this form monthly and return back to

This document helps DESMOND Australia to keep in touch with you about your mentoring and QD visits.


Frequently Asked Questions


Local DESMOND Coordination

How do I coordinate the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed and Foundation modules locally?

A local coordinator should be assigned for the following tasks:

  • Patient referrals

  • Venue bookings

  • To ensure patients receive details of courses

  • Organising educator schedules

  • Ordering program resources

  • Recording course attendance

  • To coordinate local program evaluation

As part of their role , the local coordinator should also DESMOND Australia informed of scheduled programs, who will be delivering them, as well as the number of participants who attend.

Promotion and Raising Awareness

How can I launch and promote the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed and Foundation Modules in my area?

DESMOND sites vary considerably in their environment, culture and communities. You will find that successful promotion consists of a variety of approaches, most of which need to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the profile of DESMOND high in your area.

DESMOND Australia has created a promotional pack to help educators to promote and raise awareness of their workshops which is available to all DESMOND trainees.

In addition to the promotional pack, these are some things that we strongly recommend you do:

  • Launch event – inviting referrers, where you can model a part of a patient session and display the resources

  • Your Website – ensuring that details are listed clearly and the link to your event is shared on social media

  • Meet DESMOND Leaflets – ensure these are available in all health professional practices and pharmacies

  • Posters – ensure these are displayed in all practices and pharmacies

  • Local diabetes/health care events – use these to promote to potential referrers

Delivering the DESMOND Newly Diagnosed & Foundation modules

As long as you have trained DESMOND Educators, received the DESMOND Starter Kit, have a venue and a list of eligible patients you can start delivering as soon as you like!

When can I start delivering patient sessions?

DESMOND modules can be delivered anywhere that is easily accessible to the participants and has enough room for 20 attendees (10 participants plus possible 10 accompanying support people) and 2 educators.

Current sites have used rooms at local hospitals and health professional practices, others have used libraries, community halls and leisure centres. Be creative!

Where can I deliver patient sessions?

Quality Development (QD)

At the Newly Diagnosed & Foundation training all educators will have received Quality Development tools and documentation.

For more information about your Quality Development pathway, contact the DESMOND Australia team.

What is Quality Development? How do I organise mine?


DESMOND Australia will provide you with an Evaluation Toolkit and you will have access to the DESMOND Australia Evaluation team.

What is involved in the evaluation of the DESMOND modules?

DESMOND Australia

As well as all of the above, DESMOND Australia is happy to support you in a way that meets your needs, for example:

  • Provide resources for promotional events

  • Distribute DESMOND material updates as required

  • Promote your scheduled programs on the DESMOND Australia website

  • Supply the DESMOND Australia Promotional Kit

How can DESMOND Australia help me?